Adam Birds

Senior IT Engineer

Manchester, UK

About Me

Adam Birds

IT Consultant

I currently work as an Senior IT Engineer for HW Technology. Previously I worked for UKFast, one of the UKs leading web hosting companies. I have always been technically minded and enjoy how I can keep learning new technologies every day due to how the industry evolves on a daily basis. My passion for technology is shown daily in the work I do. I always strive to be the best I can be which is one of the main reasons I dedicate a considerable amount of spare time to self-learning and improving my skills in many areas of technology. My main focus currently is on improving my development skills further as I have over the last couple of years took a real interest in Devops. I beleive that if something can be made simpler, then why not make it simpler. And this is what I like about devops, you are developing tools/scripts/processes etc to make yourselves more efficient and make the jobs easier for your staff.

I currently manage and support a hosted desktop environment on a daily basis as well as manage our clients local systems, networks and workstations. During my usual day I will work with both Windows and Linux servers, ensuring they are running as efficiently as possible to ensure a great service for our clients. A main part of my role as Senior IT Engineer is to act as an escalation point for my colleagues, as well as handling the more difficult tickets. I also undertake a large amount of small to large projects which have included the below:

  • Email Migrations
  • Data Migrations
  • Application Migrations
  • Server Migrations
  • Hosted Platform Builds
  • Office Moves
  • Infrastructure Refreshes

My hobbies in my spare time include playing and watching sports, predominantly football and going to play golf, watching movies and TV Series, photographing cars, gaming and tinkering around with different pieces of technology such as building and customizing parts of my PC and Laptop. This includes me dedicating some of my spare time in improving my technical ability and skills.


Professional Qualifications

Linux Essentials


St John Rigby College

3 A-Levels A-B in:

  • Business Studies
  • Computing
  • Statistics

High School

Up Holland High School

8 GCSE’s A*-C in:

  • Business Studies
  • Additional Science
  • Science
  • ICT
  • Maths
  • English
  • Geography
  • Physical Education

1 OCR National in ICT – Distinction